Crypto Domination By Luxury Artists

Pay for your favorite POV content with Bitcoin and Ethereum

Frequently Asked Questions 


  1. Who can open an account on LuxuryDomination?


Anyone of legal age can sign up as a fan on LuxuryDomination and deposit BTC or ETH into their account. However, to create an artist account you must have a reference from another artist who is already signed up on LuxuryDomination. This is done to preserve the highest standard of POV artists and ensure the best fan experience. All of the artists on LuxuryDomination must be natural born Women and have previous experience creating FinDom/ FemDom POV content. 


  1. What do I need to open an account? 


To open a fan account, you only need your email. You are not required to provide your government ID to open an account on LuxuryDomination since all of our payments are processed in crypto currencies, however you MUST be of a legal age in order to use our services. If we receive a report suspecting otherwise, your account will be temporarily suspended until you successfully provide your ID to confirm your legal age if you want to continue using your account. 


  1. What’s next?  


Once you open your fan account and confirm your email, you’ll be able to log in with your password, upload your profile picture, deposit crypto currencies and spend it on your favorite Artists.


  1. How to deposit BTC/ ETH into a fan account?


Go into your fan profile, open Deposit History, copy and paste your local wallet address and send any amount of BTC or ETH. Your funds will be available within 24 hrs.