Crypto Domination By Luxury Artists

Pay for your favorite POV content with Bitcoin and Ethereum

Luxury Domination was created with a very specific purpose in mind to empower natural born Women through the Art of Consentual Domination. This means you must be a natural born Woman to create an artist account and earn on our website. Our artists are well screened before being approved to ensure the most positive experience for our fans. Anyone can create a fan account, load their BTC or ETH into their local wallets and support their favorite artists. 
Our website provides a new way of earning in crypto currencies which is a new financial system that is based on digital money, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is more secure, efficient, and private than any other processing system that uses fiat currency. It is also a lot cheaper to transact with, that's how we are able to offer up to 80% payout to our artists. 
You must do your own reaserch about crypto currency in order to understand how to use it. It can be volatile in price compared to USD, this is why we provide our artists with the option of requesting payouts every 24 hours, as long as it meets minimum daily requirement.
If you have any suggestions for improvements and/or want to support us by donation, please contact us at